Use my binge-able program and step-by-step framework to build your online presence without the overwhelm or wasted time.


You’re a service based business owner, coach or consultant who wants eyes on your content and the cash flow to match -- without being at the mercy of your social media notifications and the grind of creating content.



Cause who doesn't want to make money while you sleep (and save your energy for the fun stuff in your business that you actually want to show up for).


One that doesn't drain you or make you feel like you've built your own prison. One where you can actually close your laptop before the sun sets and make happy hour.


But don't want to have to show up every day and overthink every caption and post. You want genuine conversations with people who love what you do where you can geek out together (and form real online friendships).


It's the whole reason you started your business-- to have freedom, set your own hours and ultimately make money doing what you love.


  • You overthink everything -- you build out what you think is the perfect content strategy only to wake up one morning and entirely change everything (again).
  • You feel (and look) super awkward on camera -- lots of ums, heart pounding in your chest, and going blank on what you're trying to say.
  • After hours of filming a video, you sit down to edit and just ugh -- it feels like watching paint dry, you can't figure out how to add text and make it look good and in the end, it looks amateur.
  • You fear what others will think if you hit publish -- that annoying person at church who has it all together is def going to hard core judge you.


Video can be fun & easy, let me help.



The fast track to speed through the video learning curve and move from "I hate video" to "damn, I'm good at this" with leads flooding in, begging to work with you.


This isn't just a training program, it's my entire operating system for the easiest way to crank out YouTube, course or marketing videos that actually resonate and bring in paying customers.


Cut the overwhelm and discover the simple framework I use to attract the right viewers and build genuine (and lucrative) client relationships.


Let the tech fade to the background -- I'll tell you exactly what you need (at minimal investment) and how to set it up so you can get up & running quickly.


Cut down on the time required to set up and film videos. I give you all my production hacks - from set design, scripting to hitting record!


Looking good on camera is way more systematic than you currently think. I'll teach you exactly how to move and speak to fully capture your vibe and feel confident every time you hit record.


Build a video style you use on repeat so you can easily hand off the editing to an outsourcer (cause let's be real, I don't even edit my own videos -- it's a waste of time!).

And yes, if you get stuck, I'm here to help.

Join me on monthly Zoom calls where we'll dive into your specific pain point and get you over the obstacles in your path.


You'll never struggle with video production again and you'll know what videos you need to attract raving fans and make money online -- whether that's selling your current services, an online course or whatever entrepreneurial venture you dream up.

"This program was perfect for me! I've needed to create videos for my business but had no time or budget to make it happen, at least that's what I thought.

I am so grateful to have found a program that offers bite-size modules that allow me to learn at my own pace and offers options to work with every budget.

Not to mention the live Q&A sessions and consistent support from the community of current and past students. I now know how to create professional quality videos quickly (and it feels so good!).”

– Chris Paine, Owner of Collective Flame Consulting LLC

"I’m so much more comfortable in front of the camera.  It’s a journey and everything you can do for yourself to make it easier makes all the difference. 

Amanda shows you how the behind-the-scenes looks vs final product which really helps you realize that the final result is no where near how filming went 🤪

Since taking the course, my schedule and how I view my time has SIGNIFICANTLY changed and is continuously evolving.

I’m now carving time out specifically for video to grow on my online business.

Amanda and her team help answer every and all questions and she’s a great example of how to make video a part of your business and weekly schedule. 

I’ve accomplished so much with video and I’m excited to continue to grow video both in my service based business and online business.

I also loved how Amanda breaks down how to use your life and expert experiences within your message. I have learned so much since joining the course!"

– Meagan Brown Richardson, Professional Makeup Artist & Online Course Creator

It was my goal to start my YouTube channel, and I did! I had a channel before signing up, but basically my only viewer was my mom, and my videos had like 10 views.

I now have a video with 10k views and have over 1k subscribers!

The clients who approach me after watching my videos tend to be more loyal in my experience. They are always more enthusiastic to work with me and they are less price sensitive as well.

- Zsofia Bányai, Outsource Manager at MyProcesses


I'll walk you step by step through seamlessly integrating my entire video system into your business and teach you to sustainably create high-quality videos moving forward. You can choose to binge the modules in a weekend, or take it one week at a time for 7 weeks.

At the end of the program, you'll have a rock solid video process to use on repeat. Check it out: 



I’ll show you how to align your business and lifestyle goals, so you can get the best results with video. Mastering your mindset for success is the secret behind achieving high-level goals and it’ll provide you with serious momentum in your journey. 

In Module One, you're going to learn:

  • The full journey from zero to thought leader
  • 5 mindset hacks you need to be successful
  • Gain clarity on your brand
  • Plan out your ideal lifestyle



You’ll never wonder what to post again! From what content to create (that your audience is guaranteed to love) to how to convert your followers into happy and confident buyers, you’ll know exactly what videos to create that will grow your business.

In Module Two, you're going to learn:

  • Narrow in on your core topics
  • Choose your social platform
  • Brainstorm your core marketing funnel
  • Conduct market research to validate your direction



Get started with minimal gear investment and upgrade over time. Or, jump in where you see fit. I’ve put together three tier levels starting with your phone and ending with the gear I personally use. You’ll learn how to get the professional look you’re craving that fits any budget. 

In Module Three, you're going to learn:

  • The key components needed for an ideal setup
  • How to leverage gear you already own
  • Choose the camera, microphone, lights and tripod that fits your budget



Having a go-to set makes it easy to film whenever you see fit. Using what you've already got on hand, my tried and true process will help you capture a professional look that you can use on repeat and exactly hot to use the gear you purchased. 

In Module Four, you're going to learn:

  • The best shooting location in your house or office
  • How to make your shot look great
  • Exactly how to set up the gear you purchased in Module 3 via step-by-step instructions so there's no confusion



Attract viewers who watch your videos and are ready to buy with my proven strategies on writing scripts. Having a well-structured script with powerful messaging makes all the difference in your ability to get noticed, create demand, and build deep connections with your audience. 

In Module Five, you're going to learn:

  • The production process from scripting to editing
  • How to script a three-part video series
  • How to script YouTube videos
  • How to script online course videos
  • How to script promo videos



Awkward on camera? Congrats, you're totally normal! Whether you’re a little shy or already a pro when recording, this module will help take your on camera presence to the next level. Discover how to deliver your scripts with ease and confidently show up on camera that looks and feels like YOU.

In Module Six, you're going to learn:

  • How to find your on camera personality
  • Tips for delivering in one take
  • Best method for filming scripts or an outline
  • How to use a teleprompter
  • Recording isn't ever perfect (by watching my raw behind-the-scenes footage)



Whether you're brand new to editing or already a pro, you'll find the key to honing that professional brand look you want in Adobe Premiere Pro. I teach you exactly what you need to know (and nothing more) for how to efficiently create engaging edits with ease.

In Module Seven, you're going to learn how to:

  • Properly organize footage
  • Navigate Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Clean audio, sync files and organize takes
  • Build engaging edits with graphics and b-roll
  • Create custom graphics using my plug-n-play templates
  • Add music, color correct and export

"As a YouTuber, online course creator, and someone who has spent thousands on buying online courses to build my business, this is HANDS DOWN one of the THE BEST COURSES I've ever taken. I've been making videos for years and I still learned a ton! Your mic recommendation and audio cleanup alone is SAVING ME HOURS of time."

– Glenn Allen, Course Creator Coach

“I've wanted to create videos for years, but I couldn’t get past my imposter syndrome and fear of being on camera. Now, I’m hosting weekly webinars for my agency, using video in ALL of our sales funnels and business is booming!

If you’re questioning your ability to do video, I hope my story inspires you to push past your fears. Amanda's course is your answer!

It’s genuinely worth every penny - I recouped the cost in just few weeks with a new client from one our video ads!”

– Amelia Clay, Marketing Agency Owner

You'll also get access to a suite of bonuses...


While Launch with Video will teach you my system for producing videos quickly, this bonus will lay out everything you need to know to optimize your videos and build your YouTube empire -- from creating your banner art, ranking on the first page in search to maximizing revenue streams with affiliate marketing and ad revenue.


The foundation of Launch with Video is to build an online presence that can grow and evolve with you for years to come. To do that, you need to build an email list in addition to a social media following. This bonus teaches you how to create the landing pages needed to execute on the video strategies I teach within the program.


Your success is my success and I take that very seriously. If you're struggling with something, hop on the monthly group coaching Zoom call and we'll overcome your hurdles together. Or if there's something the course doesn't cover, let's dive into it on the call.

"Amanda helped me not only master video but gain clarity on my overall life direction.

Before I met Amanda, I had no idea that thought leadership was even an option for me! After going through Amanda’s incredibly well executed course and mastering video, I was inspired to leave corporate America and go all in on growing my online business.

I’ve only just started, but feel totally confident in this new direction and and my ability to generate revenue ASAP.

I JUST launched my YouTube channel and already have 111 subscribers and each video has over 100 views (which if you haven't started on YouTube yet, this a GREAT start!) My videos are helping me tap into my current network, share my expertise and attract leads for a group mastermind I'm launching soon.”

- Justine Bailey, Personal Brand and Mommy Coach


The program is intended to help you to become a thought leader within your industry and grow your business with video. And, I’m aware that this is not for everyone (which is kind of the point, you know?).

I proudly stand by my programs and products. Hundreds of students have used my strategies and have been thrilled with the results.

So, if you join the program and complete the first module that lays out the big picture of the course and feel like this is not a fit for you, I’ll fully refund you. This guarantee expires after 14 days or when you watch beyond module 1. Simply reach out to my team and we’ll refund your money within 14 days of purchase.

Ready to launch your online presence and grow your dream business?

Great, I can help!

Hey friend! I'm Amanda Horvath.

I’m all about empowering entrepreneurs to own their expertise and share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with the world.

I’ve been in video marketing for over 12 years and launched my own online presence in 2018 (even though I didn’t feel quite “ready”)  that’s turned into the business I run today. I was tired of being undervalued by clients and trading time for money. And, there was an inner calling that I was made for more. 

I followed my intuition and now, I’ve fully replaced my previous income, I no longer take client work, and I have the financial and calendar freedom to run life on my own terms.

And, you can do this too!

Tired of feeling underpaid, overworked, and undervalued? 

Video is your path to building long-term, sustainable success. I’ve done it myself with this process, I’ve helped over 200 other entrepreneurs and I’m here to help you.

Enroll in Launch with Video today and let’s make it happen.

✨ Amanda 

Here's what you get when you enroll:

Launch with Video - $3000 Value
YouTube Secrets Revealed - $300 Value
Build High-Converting Landing Pages - $200 Value
Monthly Group Coaching Calls - $300 Value

Total Value: $3800

Gain Access Right Now

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Still undecided?


#1 You’re ready to become known as the expert you know you are!

Up until this point, your advice has fallen on dead ears and you’re ready to find active listeners who resonate with the knowledge you have to share. Imagine people seeking you out for your expertise and having an email list of followers eager for your next offer.

#2 You're just getting started with your video efforts.

You’ve been so busy working IN your business year in and year out that you’ve decided to put your foot down and say “enough is enough!” 

You’re finally ready to prioritize launching your online presence, grab your slice of the online market and share your message with the world. And, as a true boss, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you want the exact roadmap you need to take for best results and highest impact. 

#3 You’ve been trying to create videos for months (or even years).

You’ve bought gear in the past and spent longer than you’d like to admit filming videos that you were too embarrassed to post. And, you’re not alone! There’s a lot of information out there that this is “easy” and anyone can do it. It’s been long enough for the wounds to heal and try again, but this time you want to blow it up with the proper guidance. 

#4 You’re a go-getter and a self-starter.

You set your eyes on the prize and run toward it with all your might. You know video will provide stellar results and you’re ready to take action (even if you don’t feel “ready)! 

#5 You’re eager to master the skill of creating videos.

Outsource all the fun? No thank you! You’re excited about learning a new skill and see this as an opportunity to boost your leadership. 

Plus, being able to shoot videos will open up a whole new level of creativity that you’ve been craving in your life. Get off the computer, explore and capture life! Let’s do this thing!

#6 You’ve already figured out how to produce videos.

You’ve got this video thing figured out and your audience is loving the content you’re cranking out, BUT you also know it could be better (and faster).

You’ve got a knack for filming, and you’re ready to uplevel your skill-set and learn to create high-quality YouTube style content that dives deep into a subject area. Or maybe you’ve figured out YouTube, but need a faster method for producing videos - one that doesn’t take 8 hours per video!

#7 You're ready to get over your fear of being on camera.

You want to hit record with confidence and kiss the replay wince good-bye. It’s time to feel like the pro you are in front of the camera and reach a whole new level of confidence by breaking through those fears in your head about how you look or sound. You’ve heard my story of overcoming my anxieties in front of the lens and how it’s changed my life and believe in your ability to do the same (heck yes, you can!)


Nodding “Yes” while reading the above?


"I really wish I found Launch with Video sooner. Every time I publish a video, I get tons of views and more importantly, it helps me close deals.

For 3 years I created videos which were poor quality and lacked the right strategy. I tried to figure it out on my own, and it was a disaster. Completing Amanda's course has helped take my business to a whole new level.

Every time I publish a video, I get tons of views and more importantly, it helps me close deals. It seems like some people want to do business with me because they're so impressed with my videos. And whenever I attend an industry conference, I get tons of compliments on my videos.

"I was so impressed with everything about the course. It helps you develop a strategy and workflow. It provides recommendations on which gear to buy, how to get quality lighting and audio.

It covers crucial items like writing a script, editing and getting comfortable on camera which most of us struggle with.

One unique thing about this course is that I got to collaborate with others who were taking the course. And whenever I needed it, Amanda was available for one on one coaching sessions to give me advice and help me achieve my goals.

Thanks for Amanda’s amazing course, I can now produce high quality informational videos in a very structured manner, with consistency and confidence."

- Rocky Butani, Private Lender Link

Here's what you get when you enroll:

Launch with Video - $3000 Value
YouTube Secrets Revealed - $300 Value
Build High-Converting Landing Pages - $200 Value
Monthly Group Coaching Calls - $300 Value

Total Value: $3800

Gain Access Right Now

Choose the payment option that works best for you:


6 Monthly Payments of




Single Payment of






“I knew video was incredibly important but I was completely overwhelmed with where to start and I didn't have the time to research it on my own.

I was so happy to find Amanda’s course! She covered everything I needed... from what videos to create to meet my business goals, how to clarify my core message, how to be confident and clear on camera, what trade-offs to expect in equipment and software, how to edit and outsource... and all in a way that was bite-size and doable (even as a busy agency owner). 

I now fully understand the video world now and how to jump in. It is no longer overwhelming and I feel confident in taking my next steps in video. Cannot recommend Amanda or this course high enough!”

– Paul Hagey, Agency Owner at HageyMedia

“Filming and editing does not come naturally to me. I’m not tech savvy so “just figuring out” doesn’t work. Amanda’s course made it easy and enjoyable: simple, fun videos that directly and specifically told me what I needed (and didn’t need) and how to do exactly what I need to grow my brand as a small business owner. It’s rare to find education so spot on and thorough with no fillers. Thanks Amanda!”

– Dara Zycherman, Minimalist Coach at Less Equals More

"Amanda's program gave me the confidence to get in front of the camera! Her step-by-step process is easy to follow and tailored for the beginner by guiding every step of the process. It's so easy, even your mom could do it!"

– Andy Humphrey, Supply Store Business Owner

“I teach people how to draw, and I’ve wanted to use video for my tutorials for months!!! I bought some equipment, asked for advice from friends, recorded test footage... But I just couldn’t bring myself to record video consistently. Every video took me HOURS to film, and HOURS more to edit.

If I wanted to grow my business with video, I needed real help.

Amanda’s course and her personal coaching during the office hours gave me the kick I needed to get over my video fears. It helped me to finally put the process in place to create weekly videos for my business. Five weeks after publishing a video each week, I was approached by a big-name publisher and signed a contract with them! A dream come true.

This is powerful stuff!

I highly recommend Amanda’s program to anyone who is serious about growing their business with video (for real!), and needs to know the exact steps to get there.”

– Tatyana Deniz, Kawaii-Style Online Art Teacher

“Taking Amanda’s DIY Video course was completely worth my time, nervousness, and shyness. Shooting video was so intimidating before working with Amanda. Not just from being or appearing in videos, but more so from the production of videos. ‘What happen’s if my videos suck?’ was a bigger worry than ‘how will I look or sound?’

I have to say that Amanda eased all those worries and made it so easy to take each step at my own comfort level. I am now completely on the other side of my video insecurities and I am ever so grateful for her program and her charisma with teaching.”

– Baldo Garza, VP at Slenderella Clinc

“Amanda’s course arrived in a perfect moment for me. I have always wanted to have an online presence and could never figured out what exactly would work for my business.

Additionally, I’m always busy and have a 4 year old who was only going to preschool for a few hours twice a week. Moreover, I had no motivation to learn from scratch and collect information from different sources. It even took me a while to get motivation to start the course.

However, after I started it, I was eager to learn from Amanda and watch more of her YouTube videos. She lays out the content in a straightforward way that’s easy to follow. She is clear and very authentic.

I was always afraid about the editing part, but her videos on editing explain everything so well that it made my fear go away. You do need to put in effort to start making videos, but at least with Amanda’s course, you don’t waste your time gathering the information you need to start your online presence. I can’t recommend it enough!”

– Monica Furchi, Massage Therapist

“I started this program with ZERO video experience. After a lifetime career of being an electrical engineer and a father of four, I had a lot of life lessons that I felt called to share. Amanda (my daughter) kept telling me to start creating videos.

Video is certainly challenging, even with the right steps. I genuinely cannot imagine trying to figure this all out on my own! I’m so incredibly grateful for this program. Even as Amanda’s father, she doesn’t have the time to walk me through this step-by-step in person, but the course makes it feel like she’s right there by me the whole time.

I’ve now filmed over 6 videos and am feeling more and more confident with each one. I haven’t officially launched just yet, but I’m planning to very soon!”

– Attila Horvath (this is my dad!), Author

“I knew NOTHING about creating videos, let alone how to edit. I've watched Amanda's Youtube videos in the beginning stages of starting our business because we just couldn't afford to hire.

Following her journey through Youtube inspired me to take a step forward and create videos for our business www.kgbrunning.com. I'm proud to say that I was one of the first to participate in her DIY Video Roadmap course. She did an AMAZING job and took me step-by-step through the video editing process. I was VERY impressed at how my first video turned out (only 1-day to film and edit).

I am forever grateful for her and will continue to keep learning. I highly recommend Amanda's DIY Video Roadmap course, Thank you Amanda!!! <3”

– Joanna Callaway, E-Commerce Store Owner at KG Running

“The course is well-organized with excellent resources and demonstrations, making it easy to work through the entire course or pick and choose what you need to know. I feel more confident in making excellent videos with the knowledge I've gained from working through the course.”

– Kimberly Howard, Photographer

Video marketing is new and changing every day.

Even those at the top (I’ve seen it first hand) are still figuring it out. 

Which makes it the perfect time for entrepreneurs growing their business online to start using video!

Take me for example. I started from scratch with zero online presence and within 8 weeks, I got my first speaking gig. Within 6 months, I was shaking the hands of industry professionals and within 1 year, I got on the top podcast within my industry. 

I made over six figures my first year in the online course business without taking on ANY client work, and it's 100% scalable. This is just the beginning! 

And the best part? 

Everything I’ve done is repeatable. 

With zero video skills, you can create quality recordings that lead to sustainable growth in your business with leads coming in daily. 

Grab the step-by-step roadmap in Launch with Video that points out roadblocks and potholes before you hit them, so you can save time and grow a lucrative online presence. 

By avoiding the obstacles, you can finally see your video vision come to fruition while your competition is left scratching their heads, wondering, “how does she do it?”

So, what are you waiting for?


Here's what you get when you enroll:

Launch with Video - $3000 Value
YouTube Secrets Revealed - $300 Value
Build High-Converting Landing Pages - $200 Value
Monthly Group Coaching Calls - $300 Value

Total Value: $3800

Gain Access Right Now

Choose the payment option that works best for you:


6 Monthly Payments of




Single Payment of