4 Crucial Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt, Master Video and Make Money Online

Without feeling like an idiot or wasting precious time

In this training, you'll discover how to:
  • Gain clarity on whether video is your next step - Simply put, video isn't for everyone. I'll break down exactly how to get off the fence so you can either decide it's worth your time or abandon the "I should do video" guilt altogether.
  • Create videos you actually want to release - Discover my simple tricks to move from amateur-looking video to "holy moly, how does she do it?" video that makes your naysayers bite their tongues while you build your online empire.
  • Strategically use video to hit real business goals - Shooting a video you're proud of may feel like a win right now... but if it doesn't produce results, it's still a waste of time. I'm going to show you how to discover what resonates right away so you can attract clients to you from day 1.

Fast track your learning curve with video and build your online presence


This Training is NOT for you if...

  • You currently love your lifestyle and have zero desire to make money online (and have more freedom).
  • You've got this video thing down -- you already crush it with the tech, feel confident on camera and are on your way to being the next YouTube star.
  • You're not into personal development or stretching your comfort zone.

This Training is a MUST attend if...

  • You're afraid to admit you do want to be famous (or well known).
  • Sitting in front of a camera causes an immediate increase in heart rate.
  • You overthink everything (and never click publish) for fear of ruining your credibility.
  • Video scares the hell out of you, but that only makes you want to do it more.
  • You want to do video, but have no idea where to start.
I've been there ...

Hi, I'm Amanda Horvath.

After years of shooting and editing videos for other people, I felt a calling to step in front of the camera.

For two years, I was afraid to admit I wanted to start a YouTube channel -- it felt egotistical to say outloud.

Plus, anytime I tried to film a video, I nearly had a heart attack.

Legit, my heart would be beating so fast you could hear it through the microphone!

It wasn't until a close friend of mine died and I realized the ways I was holding myself back that I was ready to set aside my fears and claim the life I was dreaming of - having a YouTube channel that shared my knowledge with the world.

Years later, I  love filming videos and have 50k subscribers on YouTube and feel totally aligned with the message I share.

In making this leap of faith, I've entirely left behind the world of trading time for money and I've built a lifestyle making passive income via online courses, affiliate marketing and ad revenue. 

Now, I'm motivated to help others realize their potential and get on their own path to conquering fears and sharing their message with the world by building their online presence.

Come learn the skills you need to get started. We're in this together.

It's time to stop dreaming and hit record. Let me show you the way.